Graphic Communicator

Nicolai Bye

Like my mom always says,
"It either ends well,
or it ends eventually."

Hello, my name is Nicolai Bye. Yes, that is my actual last name. As a visual activist I am always fascinated with the world around me. From posters and movies, to the smallest of things like texture of bricks. I feel like design comes from chaos. Be it the chaos of the world, or the chaos of a sketchbook filled with ideas. To me design and creativity is a fun activity and therefore should be approached that way. I mostly work digitally, but love sketching, test printing and generally sometimes just getting my hands dirty with some good old paint.

Having newly moved back to Norway after 3 years of Graphic Design studies in England am I incredibly excited about the new adventure lying ahead of me. If you want to be part of that journey consider giving me a shout and we can have a chat over coffee, I'll be having some hot chocolate though.